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Spiritual enrichment through study is an important tool to expand our awareness while feeding our heart, mind, and soul. Explore the life-giving principles of the Science of Mind and New Thought/Ancient Wisdom, expanding your awareness of self and your connection with the Spirit.

We offer transformational classes and workshops inspiring spiritual growth. Our courses are designed to empower you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Join us to experience God in a new way. Be a creator of change in your life and in the community.

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Prosperity Plus

[prosperity Plus II graphic here] This 10-week class was designed by Mary Morrissey, one of the most popular New Thought teachers in the country. Mary knows how the laws of prosperity work. She developed this approach in her own life and has shared her wisdom with countless spiritual centers around the world ever since.

“Prosperity Plus” dispells many of the myths around prosperity, including the false beliefe that we are only talking about money and your bank account. Prosperity also includes health, your spiritual experiences, your career, and your relationships.

Second, “Prosperity Plus” addresses the false belief that only some people are prosperous. In the teaching of the Centers for Spiritual Living, we are all prosperous. You may not know this, but right now you have everything you need, and your thoughts influence what you get.

Do your thoughts reflect lack and limitation or are you focused on positive, prosperous thoughts? We believe that through the power of positive thinking, you can achieve everything you want.

Third, this class dispells the too-common belief that prosperity is due to luck. Some people win the lottery; some people have a good life; some people are healthy; some people are happy. Wrong. All people have an opportunity to live a good life. It is already happening if you accept it!

Students will discover:
* A proven method to unlock new financial energy and resources.
* How to attract more abundance, effortlessly.
* Wealth they already have that they don’t even know they have.
* How to release their blocks to living with more ease and flow.
* How to create a vision for the life of their dreams that includes wealth in every area of their lives from relationships and health to career and living their purpose..

Date: Tuesday Evenings
Time: 7:00 PM
Cost: TBA + $50 for material.
Required Material:
Students will be required to purchase the Prosperity Plus materials, which includes a workbook and series of instructional CDs for instruction at home. The materials – which are delivered in a nice box set – cost just under $50.

To sign up and order your class materials, please email us so that YCSL can place the order as soon as possible.

How to sign up for classes
Option 1) Sign up sheets for all our classes are available at the center when you walk in
Option 2) Call the centers main line at 928.782.7885

Sunday Celebration

Starts at 10 AM
Meditation starts at 9:30 AM